Join the Community

Translators can communicate, support, and network with each other in the private Google+ Community. In order to join, you’ll need a Google account and Google+ profile – it’s very easy to set one up, and once you’ve joined you can change your settings to receive notifications at whatever email address you like.

Who can join?

Established and emerging translators of Danish literary texts into English. You do not need to be published or a full-time freelance translator, you are welcome to join at any stage in your career. Membership is open to translators resident anywhere in the world. At present it is free to join.

Community Guidelines

All online communities need guidelines to make sure people know what is appropriate usage. By joining the Google+ Community, you are confirming you have read and will adhere to these guidelines.

Download Google+ Community Code of Conduct (PDF – January 2018, version 1.5)

How to join

Click here to request to join. You’ll need to be signed in to your Google+ account, and you’ll see a green button “Ask to join”. The moderator will endeavour to approve your request within 24 hours.

The first time you use the Community, instructions will “pop up” to help you along. Please post an introduction to yourself and say hello!

NB: Some people who are already Gmail users have found that when they first click to request to join the Google+ community, the page does not show the “ask to join” button. You have to set up your Google+ profile first. Sign in to your Gmail account in your browser and click on the top right where there should be a link through to Google+ (you can adjust the privacy settings of your profile as you see fit). Then click the link above again.

More guidance on using the Google+ Community

Click here to read a mini-guide to help you get started using the Google+ Community.

Click here to learn more about controlling your notification settings in Google+ (you can be alerted for every new post in the Community or none at all!).

Click here if you have more questions and would like to contact the moderator.