Community Mini Guide

Google+ Community – “How to” mini guide

The first time you use the Community, instructions will “pop up” to help you along.

Posting to the community

Near the top of the screen – in the middle column – is the box you use to create a new post. Click into its text box which says “Share what’s new“. This will centre and highlight this box, and you can type a post.

Once you’ve typed into the box, beneath the text box – next to where it says Attach:– there are some optional attachment icons (some people might want to add images or files to their posts, for example). Next you must select a category (i.e. topic). Then the green ‘Share’ button will become available, click this once you’re ready to share what you’ve written.

Post categories 

Please select a category (i.e. topic) when you are creating a new post. Using categories will help users browse and search relevant posts in future.

To get started, you could post an introduction to yourself and say hello: select the category “member introduction” for this post. “Discussion” will usually the most appropriate category for other posts, and we can add more categories as the community grows.


Beneath each post you will find a [+1] button (equivalent of clicking “like” on Facebook; i.e. a simple acknowledgement or approval of the post) and a text box where you can type and post a comment. Members will be notified of interactions with their post based on their own notification settings.

Read more about Google+ notification settings here.

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