DELT’s committee members in 2024 are: Paul Russell Garrett (Chair), Ellen Kythor (Treasurer), Sinéad Quirke Køngerskov (Secretary), plus Jennifer Alexander, Misha Hoekstra, Nielsine Nielsen, and Caroline Waight.

You can email the committee at

Visit the translator profiles page to browse and directly contact literary translators of Danish into English.

DELT was established in 2014 (informally as DENT: the Danish-English Network of literary Translators) as part of the remit of the inaugural Impact PhD in Danish-English Translation as awarded to Ellen Kythor, co-sponsored by University College London and Danmarks Kunstråds Litteraturudvalg (Statens Kunstfond: The Danish Arts Foundation). Ellen was Chair of DELT from its founding until the end of 2019. DELT is an independent association.

Please bear with us while we refresh our website in early 2024!