Join the Association

Who Can Join?

Established and emerging translators of Danish literary texts into English. You do not need to be published or a full-time freelance translator, you are welcome to join at any stage in your career. Membership is open to translators resident anywhere in the world.

How to Join DELT

  1. Send an email to with your name, email address, and – if you are not already part of DELT’s existing Google+ Community – please detail why you believe you are eligible for membership to DELT. 
  2. Once your application has been approved by a Committee member, you will be sent sign-in details in order to complete your profile on and you will be invited to join the new DELT Facebook Group. (NB: This private Facebook Group will replace the existing Google+ Community by the end of this year).
  3. Upon approval we request that you send your membership payment within 30 days (£20 for 2018). Payment instructions have been circulated on the existing Google+ Community, the new Facebook Group, and will be sent on request via email.

Community Guidelines

All online communities need guidelines to make sure people know what is appropriate usage. By joining the Facebook Group, you are confirming you have read and will adhere to the DELT Members’ Code of Conduct.  Translators can communicate, support, and network with each other within the private Facebook Group.


We only ask for your name and email address, and you then add your own details to your website profile. Click to read our Privacy Statement.

Editing your Profile

Full instructions for members for editing website profiles is online here.

NB: Following the re-launch of DELT in April 2018, these Joining Instructions have changed to reflect the migration of DELT from a Google+ Community to a Facebook Group, and the introduction of a membership subscription fee. Please contact the committee if you have any questions.

Page Updated: 28 May 2018