Ian Giles
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Specialising in samples of Danish crime, thrillers and suspense, as well as non-fiction.


I specialise in providing sample translations from Danish to English in the genres of crime fiction, thrillers and suspense, as well as non fiction. I am accustomed to working within the tight deadlines required in the production of samples for use in rights sales, and have a keen sense of what kind of translation sells a great original work. Take a look at the list of recent samples I have worked on to get a better idea of how I can help you prepare your Danish manuscript for the international market.

My recent publications from Danish for publication include: two titles from Michael Katz Krefeld's Cecilie Mars series, Darkness Calls (May 2023, Podium Publishing) and Beast in the Night (December 2023, Podium Publishing); Nicklas Bendtner's acclaimed autobiography Both Sides (2020, Monoray); and Ida Rørholm Davidsen's award-winning graphic novel Lonely Journey (forthcoming, Centrala)

I also translate from Swedish and Norwegian. Published translations include works by Camilla Läckberg, David Lagercrantz, Gustaf Skördeman, and many others. See my full list of publications here.