Anna Halager
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Anna is a Danish-British translator of Danish, and Norwegian, literature into English. She is bilingual and was educated in Denmark, England and Wales. Interests: Contemporary prose, etc. see below.


Anna is a Danish-British translator of Danish, and Norwegian, literature into English. She is bilingual. She is interested in contemporary prose fiction and non-fiction (e.g. journalism, politics, history, minority groups and human rights. She is also interested in letters, diaries and travelogues as manifested in literature. She has translated academic books on Hans Christian Andersen plus his travelogue, Shadow Pictures, describing the poet’s journey to Germany in the summer of 1831; the letters and travels of the Danish explorer, Vitus Bering, written in a matter of days in the Siberian port city of Okhotsk in February 1741, just before Vitus left on his last voyage which took him to Alaska. (The  letters were written in German). Anna has worked as a translator all her life mainly in the corporate sector, the Danish Foreign Ministry, United Nations, and as the Official Translator at the Embassy of India in Copenhagen for a number of years. Her most recent publication is a non-fiction novella by the Greenlandic authoress, Niviaq Korneliussen whose first novel will be out in November 2018 in London and New York. Niviaq is a rising literary star in Greenland which has a population of 56,000.  Anna has published in USA, UK, Sweden, Austria and Denmark. Her translations have been reviewed in TLS, The New Yorker: The Guardian; The Bridge, Journal of the Danish American Heritage Society, and History Today. She has received 2 fellowships by the Danish Arts Foundation; a travel grant by the Danish Writers Association to visit publishers in Sydney and Melbourne, and her translations have been supported by prestigious foundations, e.g. The Queen Margrethe And Prince Henrik Foundation; King Christian X Foundation, Royal Danish Geographical Society, The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, and the Augustinus Foundation.  She has translated more than twenty novels by the Swedish-Norwegian authoress, Margit Sandemo.  Anna has been a member of the Danish Writers Association since 1997 and has lived in Denmark, England, Wales, US and Kabul, Afghanistan.