Nina Sokol
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I translate both classical and contemporary Danish literature, ranging from H.C.Andersen to Bjørn Rasmussen, including plays, poetry and novels but I have also translated numerous other forms of non-fictional text.


I have translated a wide range of books in Danish literature, from plays, poetry and novels to self-help books and books dealing with beneficial bacteria and ancient DNA: The authors i have translated include H.C. Andersen, Bjørn Rasmussen and Niviaq Korneliussen as well as a number of Y/A, fantasy and sci-fi authors.


Nina Sokol is a poet and translator in the midst of translating plays, poems and novels by Danish writers. She was a grant poet-in-residence at The Vermont Studio Center in 2011. She has received several grants from the Danish Art’s Council to translate plays, including a play written by the fairy tale writer H.C. Andersen which was published by the journal "InTranslation." She has also translated an excerpt from one of the winning novels of the 2016 EU Prize for Literature (written by Bjørn Rasmussen) . Her poems have appeared in American journals, including Miller's Pond and the Hiram Poetry Review and a collection has been published by Lapwing Publications in Belfast, Ireland (2015). but she has also translated numerous other forms of non-fictional text, the subject matter of which has consisted of a wide range of topics which have included everything from self-help books to highly technical works dealing with ancient DNA and “beneficial bacteria.” She also translated a book for Dansk Folkeoplysnings Samråd (The Danish Adult Education Association) entitled “Stuff That Works” that dealt with and referenced various theories of motivation in adult education from a specifically psychological point of view.