Paul Larkin
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Author - translator - filmmaker


PAUL LARKIN is an 'Irish author, translator and

film maker. In 1997, he won Ireland's European

Journalist of the Year award and in 2008 'Best

Director' (international category) at the New

York Independent Film and Video festival. He

has written an acclaimed book on Northern

Ireland's 'troubles' entitled A Very British Jihad

and co-authored Fraternité Avant Tout on the

life and early essays of Danish painter Asger

Jorn. In addition to A Fortunate Man, he has

translated several of Danish literature's great

works, including Klaus Rifbjerg's Terminal

Innocence (Den kroniske uskyld) and Martin

A. Hansen's The Liar (Løgneren), which will be

published in 2019. His latest novel, Éilis from

the Flats, is published by Dalkey Archive Press.