Rob Myatt
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Nearly a decade of experience in the translation industry. Shortlisted for John Dryden Prize 2021. Translations published in Your Impossible Voice, Turkoslavia. Collaborations with Turbine, V&Q, Hanser, Lenos and more.


I began translating full-time in 2014 and currently translate from Danish, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian and Polish into my native English. I was shortlisted for the John Dryden Translation Prize 2021 for my translation of Tretii Shar (The Third Balloon) by Kyrgyz author Kuseyin Esenkozhoev. The same year, my first book-length non-fiction translation from Swedish, Människans Samhälle (Human Society), was published.

I have collaborated on samples and competition submissions with publishing houses such as Turbine, V&Q, Hanser and Lenos. I have also worked with Danish authors like Hans-Peter Madsen, Viggo Bjerring and Anna Friis, as well as German authors including Julia Kohli and Noemi Somalvico.

I have also translated numerous complex legal texts, including court submissions, court decisions, and academic law essays, and have provided translations for a number of artistic and cultural institutions across Europe.