Attendee feedback on DELT Workshop in Edinburgh

In June 2019, DELT members, along with keen students and local translators, assembled in Edinburgh to participate in a workshop and panel on the theme of ‘translator as/and editor’. Our full write-up is available online. We requested feedback from attendees via a SurveyMonkey questionnaire – this news post collates a few key titbits!

Most survey respondents described the daytime translation workshop as inspiring, interesting, organised and welcoming. In summary, participants particularly liked the collegiality of the daytime workshop. The icebreaker and designing in a mix of experience into the sub-groups were especially positively received. In future, some respondents suggested a longer workshop with an opportunity to mix groups.

“The workshop GOT ME THINKING – which is exciting, as a lot of our work as translators is rather hum drum.”

Attendees appreciated the “excellent composition” of the expert evening panel, The Symbiotic Relationship between the Editor and the Translator. The panel might have been improved by a more Nordic focus and more time for audience Q&A, but overall respondents enjoyed the flow of conversation and stories from such a broad range of panellists.

“The realization that the work of a translator and that of an editor is SO amazingly entwined. How essential it is for a translator to have good chemistry with the editor.”

“…entertaining but illustrative anecdotes… it was just solid.”

The overall networking elements of the event were appreciated and praised, but we were also given great ideas for future networking options such as including opportunities for translators to promote their books or spend more time with the expert panellists.

[Networking] is invaluable even though it may not seem so at the time. The informal discussions with others, on working conditions, publishers they know etc. were all extremely useful. And it was great to meet some old friends and make new ones!”

Thank you so much for the constructive feedback that has given DELT’s committee some ideas to work with for future plans!

“Really great event and I really enjoyed myself. Let me on a work-high for a few days after.”