DENT becomes DELT

The Danish-English Network of literary Translators (DENT) has been renamed the association of Danish-English Literary Translators (DELT) in order to emphasise the creative, literary focus of its members. The rebrand is timely now at the start of 2018 when the working committee has been active over the last year formally establishing the network as an association with a formal committee.

DELT is an independent non-profit association, aiming to further the interests of literary translators from Danish to English, and actively build links with relevant cultural organisations, publishers, and other translators’ groups. We intend to hold at least two meetings for members per year, and our next full meeting where we will confirm our new structure and committee will coincide with London Book Fair 2018.

This network for literary translators of Danish into English was established and developed by Ellen Kythor as part of her Impact PhD studentship co-sponsored by UCL (University College London) and The Danish Arts Council’s Committee for Literature (Statens Kunstråds Litteraturudvalg). In 2014, Ellen launched the website and Google+ Community for translators to network and establish their group identity.

DENT working committee

A ‘working committee’ of 6 DENT members has come together following the meeting in London in March. The working committee will meet in Denmark in mid June 2017 to agree the following pressing issues to strengthen the future of DENT:
– a group constitution
– how to receive and manage funds

and to discuss more fully:
– events calendar
– ‘Danish Books Bulletin’ (ie. a regular DENT blog/magazine written by members)

Once the working committee has proposals, aspects will be shared with all DENT members to discuss and agree where applicable. The timeframe for this whole futureproofing project is approximately a year.

Working committee members are: Ellen Kythor, John Mason, Kerri Pierce, Lin Falk van Rooyen, Paul Russell Garrett and Sinead Quirke.

DENT meeting, March 2017, London

DENT meeting for Danish-English literary translators: ‘TRANSLATOR AS AGENT’

Wednesday 15th March 2017, 09.30 – 11.30

Danish Embassy in London, 55 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9SR

The theme ‘translator as agent’ will be addressed by guest speakers with publishing industry experience. The meeting will also be a networking opportunity and a chance to discuss the future of DENT. Agenda and speakers to be confirmed – information will follow on the Google+ Community.

MEETING OPEN TO ALL Danish-English literary translators. The meeting coincides with London Book Fair.

Please RSVP by 8 February to Ellen Kythor:


DENT meeting, November 2016, Copenhagen

Danish-English Network of literary Translators (DENT) meeting to coincide with Bogforum 2016 – all welcome

A meeting for Danish to English literary translators, emerging and established. Any interested translators can attend. A meeting to plan for DENT, talk about BogForum, and network with other translators.

DATE/TIME: Friday 11 November 2016, 9.00-11.30am

VENUE: Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 2., København V

Morning refreshments provided (coffee, tea, croissants)

Please RSVP via the Google+ event (visible to DENT Google+ Community members) or directly to Ellen Kythor (

The Helmer Project 13-14 November 2014

‘Henrik Ibsen died in 1906, taking the answer of what happened to Nora with him to the grave. Nora was gone once and for all, the author was dead, and from this point, we were left to imagine what became of Nora after she walked out, and many have imagined just this. For Nora’s action was as exotic then as it is now, not to say immoral.
But what about Helmer? Did he just sit in a corner feeling ashamed for the next hundred years or did he become a happier, wilder and greedier man after Nora left – and did he, in reality, end up being a free man rather than a forsaken one?
Helmer Hardcore is the modern-day story of how Helmer went amok once the door had shut behind Nora.’

Jakob Weis, 2007

After discovering Helmer Hardcore in 2012 while translating A Doll’s House for [Foreign Affairs], an international theatre company based in London, I tracked down a copy of the play and contacted the author, Jakob Weis. With his permission, I began translating the play during my BCLT mentorship with Barbara Haveland, who at the time was working on translating the new Penguin Ibsen series. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as her expertise and passion for Ibsen proved to be a wonderful asset. Ibsen’s influence on Weis quickly became obvious, evidenced not only by the subtle touches scattered throughout the play, but also by the echoes of Ibsen’s voice found in the language, rhythm and structure of this modern-day sequel to A Doll’s House.

Jakob Weis is a highly productive writer in Denmark, having produced over thirty works since his debut in 1992. He has twice been awarded the coveted Reumert Prize for Best Danish Dramatist, winning in 2007 and 2011, and has also taken home a number of Reumerts for Best Manuscript over the years, including for Helmer Hardcore. Few Danish dramatists get the opportunity to see their work performed in the UK and this event will be an important step towards that goal, with The Helmer Project scheduled for production in the spring of 2015, a project which will see [Foreign Affairs] performing A Doll’s House and Helmer Hardcore in repertory in London. More details on the November event and the upcoming production can be found at

As part of 5 Days of [Foreign Affairs], a festival of theatre in the heart of London, 13 – 14 November are dedicated to Helmer Hardcore, featuring a rehearsed reading of the play, a live trailer for The Helmer Project, followed by talks with the author, translator and an impressive group of speakers. Special thanks to Danske Dramatikere for supporting the translation of Helmer Hardcore and to the Danish Arts Foundation for supporting Jakob Weis’ trip to London for the purpose of this event.

DENT Meeting, November 2014, Copenhagen

Danish-English Network of literary Translators (DENT) first group meeting to coincide with Bogforum 2014

Open to all Danish to English literary translators, emerging and established. A meeting to celebrate the founding of DENT and network with other translators.

DATE/TIME: Friday 7 November 2014, 9.00-11.00am

VENUE: Kulturstyrelsen, H.C. Andersens Boulevard, København V

Morning refreshments provided (coffee, tea, croissants)

Please RSVP via the Google+ event (visible to DENT Google+ Community members) or directly to Ellen Kythor (