DENT becomes DELT

The Danish-English Network of literary Translators (DENT) has been renamed the association of Danish-English Literary Translators (DELT) in order to emphasise the creative, literary focus of its members. The rebrand is timely now at the start of 2018 when the working committee has been active over the last year formally establishing the network as an association with a formal committee.

DELT is an independent non-profit association, aiming to further the interests of literary translators from Danish to English, and actively build links with relevant cultural organisations, publishers, and other translators’ groups. We intend to hold at least two meetings for members per year, and our next full meeting where we will confirm our new structure and committee will coincide with London Book Fair 2018.

This network for literary translators of Danish into English was established and developed by Ellen Kythor as part of her Impact PhD studentship co-sponsored by UCL (University College London) and The Danish Arts Council’s Committee for Literature (Statens Kunstråds Litteraturudvalg). In 2014, Ellen launched the website and Google+ Community for translators to network and establish their group identity.