Event: Bringing Scandinavian Children’s Voices into English

Contemporary Scandinavian children’s and Young Adult literature is full of stories that combine a playful joy of storytelling with important socio-cultural themes. But how does this translate? This three-part event on Monday 26th September 2022 explores the ins and outs of working with Scandinavian children’s and YA literature in translation, bringing authors, publishers, translators and industry insiders together discuss their work, and how they go about bringing these books to an English readership.

PART I: A talk and workshop led by Guy Puzey, delving into the nitty-gritty of translating for children and young adults. How do kids actually speak? How does this transfer across cultures and national borders? What can we as translators do to capture the depth and variety of children’s spoken language?

PART II: A panel of industry insiders will discuss their various roles in bringing Scandinavian children’s literature to the English language: how do these books travel, what are the cultural issues involved, and how can we continue to promote Scandinavian children’s voices abroad? Panelists in Part II include Julia Marshall, Tine Nielsen, and BJ Woodstein. Guy Puzey will chair.

Parts I and II are open to translators – for more information and to register, please visit SELTA’s website: swedishenglish.org/events/2022-kids

Part III: Author Panel – everyone welcome! Join us for this online conversation with three of Scandinavia’s most exciting authors of children’s and young-adult literature.

Kim Fupz Aakeson (Denmark), Aina Basso (Norway) and Kristina Sigunsdotter (Sweden) will discuss their work, from inception to finished book, and the art of capturing children’s voices and imaginations. Translator and DELT Chair, Paul Russell Garrett will moderate. FREE – sign-up is required, please go to

This event is being organized jointly by DELT alongside the Swedish-English Literary Translators’ Association (SELTA, swedishenglish.org) and the Swedish Book Review (swedishbookreview.org).

A special thank you to the Danish Arts Foundation and the Swedish Arts Council for their generous support, which has made this event possible!