Summer Strategy Session and Sizzling Shindig! August 2022

As DELT looks ahead to marking five years since being formally established, this summer presented the perfect opportunity for a discussion on DELT’s strategy and objectives for the next five.

On 2-3 August, DELT’s management committee met for two days of strategy meetings followed by a members’ meeting and social. Throughout the pandemic, the committee has been meeting monthly online to manage DELT, but because of the ongoing pandemic, this was the first in-person get-together for this committee which formed at the AGM in 2020.

Back row (left-to-right): Misha, Kyle. Front row: Paul, Ellen, Sinéad. Background: piglets.

Committee members Paul Russell Garrett (Chair), Sinéad Quirke Køngerskov (Secretary), Ellen Kythor (Treasurer), Misha Hoekstra and Kyle Semmel all participated in the strategy meetings at a conference hotel just outside Aarhus.

Initial topics covered:

  • Committee and group updates (including event planning and AGM for Autumn 2022)
  • Finalising the members’ rates survey findings (now published for DELT members!)
  • Mentoring (NCW and internal)
  • Funding applications
  • Collaborations with other networks (SELTA, NCW, BCLT)

Then the committee brainstormed individually and collectively what they wanted to achieve from these strategy sessions and their broad ambitions for DELT over the next 5 years. Unsurprisingly, as well as discussing broader strategy for DELT as a whole, the committee were keen to get to know each other better to forge a stronger working relationship after years of online-only meetings. Dinner, drinks and a late-night walkabout in Aarhus helped to get the ball rolling.

The most intense part of the strategy discussion centred around a SWOT analysis, giving the committee an opportunity to take stock of DELT’s role and purpose from different perspectives. This activity would also feed into prioritising DELT’s aspirations and goals.

These Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats formed the basis of discussion when other DELT members joined the committee at a coffee meeting and workshop later on the second day – virtually and in-person! In total, 15 DELT members were able to participate in this summary workshop and informal chat. It was inspiring to hold a truly hybrid meeting with so many attendees contributing in real life and online.

Following feedback from members, two core aspirations and subsequent concrete goals were identified and finalised:



A further, more detailed summary of these aspirations and goals will be circulated to DELT members soon!

The group meeting was also a good chance to introduce a demo of DELT’s new website, which is in the process of being redesigned.

Following the formal part of the strategy meetings at the conference hotel, all attendees were invited to a social at Misha’s picturesque communal homestead nearby. This was a fantastic opportunity for socialising and chats about the translation industry, and featured a tour of the farm (can you spot the piglets?), a walk in the woods, fun on a zipline, communal grilling on the campfire, and general summertime østjysk hygge. Many participants had never met in person before, so it really was something special.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen. We are also grateful that our successful funding application to the Danish Arts Foundation (and the rare congruence of the entire committee being in Denmark at the same time!) allowed the committee to meet in the same place at the same time.